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Steven Huff is the author of the forthcoming Resting among Us: Authors’ Graves in Upstate New York (Syracuse University Press, 2023), two story collections, Blissful and Other Stories (Cosmographia, 2017), and A Pig in Paris (Big Pencil Press 2007), as well as three books of poetry, A Fire in the Hill (Blue Horse Press 2017), More Daring Escapes (Red Hen Press 2017) and The Water We Came From (FootHills 2003). He is editor of Knowing Knott: Essays on an American Poet (Tiger Bark Press, 2017). Autobiographical essays have appeared in The Gettysburg Review and the Solstice Literary Magazine. He is a Pushcart Prize winner in fiction, and teaches creative writing in the Solstice Low-Residency MFA Program at Lasell University in Boston. The former publisher/ managing editor at BOA Editions, Ltd., he served as founding publisher at Tiger Bark Press from 2006 until 2022. He lives in Rochester New York.