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A Fire in the Hill (Blue Horse Press 2017)

Rarely have I encountered a poet whose poems travel so widely in time and space and take such surprising twists between the autobiographical and the imagined, the contemporary and the mythic, the everyday and the surreal, and often the visionary. Steven Huff's A Fire in the Hill burns with a yearning for "a rebirth of wonder," for "more and fresher alphabets to sing," and it "keeps you awake like a piranha hunting."

— Jeffrey Harrison

Resting among Us: Authors' Gravesites in Upstate New York

Resting Among Us uncovers the region’s rich literary heritage through Steven Huff’s journeys to the graves of writers both famous and celebrated as well as those that have been forgotten. While most Upstate residents are aware that Mark Twain’s grave is in Elmira and that James Fenimore Cooper’s is in Cooperstown, many don't realize that a noted author is buried in their local cemetery. Interwoven with these remarkable literary lives are the connected stories of the region’s history and Huff’s own encounters and friendships with some of the writers included in the book.

Knowing Knott: Essays on an American Poet

Bill Knott (1940-2014) was one of the most brilliant and iconoclastic American poets of our time, who liked to think of himself as an outsider even while publishing sixteen books in his lifetime and wielding enormous influence on at least two generations of poets. To his colleagues, students and friends he could be unpredictable, mercurial, reclusive or tenderly kind, but ever unforgettable.

Blissful and Other Stories

This gathering of stories straddles the borderland between realism and absurdism, telling true tall tales of lightning strikes, deadly pranks, mixed luggage, mysterious encounters in a Zen center, a faith healer down on his luck, all in the ragged pursuit of love, where humor guards the bridge between the sound heart and lunacy.